Friday, April 25, 2014

Preview: The Stone House Legacy

I'm often asked about my writing process.  When do I find time?  How do I discipline myself to sit down and put thoughts and ideas into words.  I know that most writers will tell you that they set aside a time period every day to write, but my mind doesn't work that way.  

I am a verbal processor.  I need to talk things through and actually hear my own thinking before I can write. So I tend to bore my friends and family with my ideas while I figure things out.  I find that the conversation stimulates my thinking and gives me a new perspective on the theme. I'm always rejuvenated and more motivated to write after these conversations. And the writing is better!

Therefore, I am asking for your help!  Posted below is a link to the first two chapters of my new novel. It is the story of a young minister who is a rising star on the evangelical stage in the early 1960's.  But when he challenges the violence and chaos of the times, he places his career and his family in grave danger. (Still working on the "elevator pitch", so could use some help here as well!)

Click on the link below to view the Preview and leave your feedback. I am especially interested in your reactions to the characters and the initial plot conflicts.  In other words, does it entice you to want to read further? Any help will be sincerely appreciated!  Thank you.